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SEO & Content Marketing Agency Burlington

Klusster Media customizes a process to best suit your business's SEO needs by utilizing various tools; management of Google My Business and/or LinkedIn, ensuring website optimization, developing a keyword strategy, and creating consistent, targeted content. Our goal is to establish a strong online foundation for your business and improve your search engine ranking.

Our Services

Our Services

We provide common sense solutions to help you rank higher in Google Search.

SEO Services

At Klusster Media, based in Burlington, we help businesses make the most out of Google My Business to improve organic search results in your local area and excel with stronger SEO.

What is your local SEO presence?


The value of a stronger foundation on your website is extremely powerful. By understanding how to design the content on your site, you can capture the benefits of search engine leads.

Do you have an SEO Plan?

Explainer Videos

An explainer video can help you quickly provide new visitors with information on who you are and the service(s) you provide.​ There is a high return on investment. 

Choose from traditional, whiteboard, or interview style.

Do you need help explaining your business, service, or product?

LinkedIn Marketing

With over 900 million members worldwide, you can promote products and services and share your expertise in the form of quality content. Google bots recognize your LinkedIn account which helps bump you up in search results.

Are you maximizing your businesses LinkedIn profile?

Content Marketing

Foundational content is what separates you from your competitors, it's what builds your blog and drives your audience to click, follow, share, or want to read more.

Are you producing consistent quality content?


There are 3 parts to website optimization:

1. The words

2. The website

3. The speed

Is your website optimized for better SEO?

Ready to find out more?

At Klusster Media Inc. Burlington, we specialize in providing common sense solutions to help businesses rank higher in search engine results. We understand the importance of foundational content with focused keyword implementation. Our job is to get you found online.



"The Klusster team was amazing. They led a coordinated re-branding effort from planning to execution including new photos, a new website, blog content and ongoing support. The website refresh was worth the investment."

Oakville, Ontario

Let's Get You Found ONLINE

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