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Our clients are our 

most valuable partners

What our clients say...

"Getting content distributed is key to improved Google Rankings. Ever since we started our Online Boost program, we have started to gain new clients from search terms we were never found for previously.

- Local Health Professional, Stoney Creek.

"The Klusster team was amazing. They led a coordinated re-branding effort from planning to execution including new photos, a new website, blog content and ongoing support. The website refresh was worth the investment."

Accountant, Oakville

Our publication content has had over 10,000 views and our website traffic has tripled. This would have cost $20,000 to buy this traffic & exposure for our industry. To get found in Google's local business requires a consistent content creation & distribution program, and these guys made that happen with ease."

- Hair Salon, Burlington

Client SEO Examples

Regional Service Provider

The client wasn’t getting traffic in all their 14 locations. They were not getting found enough for keywords. We put together a plan, including a Google My Business program.


From 1 – 770 in traffic in one month.

Keyword search up to 344 in one month.

#1 in Google Ranking.

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Global Health Care Provider

The client was looking for greater presence online for their courses and programs. We developed a full package and the results speak for themselves.


Organic traffic reaching 1,958 plus in one month.

Keyword search 2,924 in one month.

#1 in Google Ranking.

Wealth Management

Financial Advisor

In 2021, we began working with a local Financial Advisor. They were concerned with organic traffic, on the following graph you see steady growth in both organic traffic and keywords. The client is ranking in the top three in Google.


Went from 1 – 288 in traffic in one month.

Keyword search up to 271 in one month.

Top 3 in Google Ranking.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 3.31.25 PM.png

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