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Why do you need to create content?

It's simple, content gets you found online. 


Quality content provides:

  • More traffic from Google

  • Free and useful information to your audience

  • Potential new customers

  • Helps keep existing customers engaged

  • A way to communicate with your target audience

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Foundational Content

Foundation pages are the heart and soul of your SEO. 


Foundational content is what separates you from your competitors, it's what builds your blog and drives your audience to click, follow, share, or want to read more.

If a subject is worth searching and it's a key term for your business, it's likely worth creating a unique page to highlight that word.  This includes your products and/or services which ultimately becomes the backbone of your online presence.

Great foundational content can be created based on:

  • Emotion

  • Personal preferences

  • Solving a problem

  • Facts or researched based ideas

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we post informative content, relevant to your audience and business, that has an engaging headline with your clear, branded image.

Explainer Videos

Why explainer videos for SEO?

An explainer video can help you:

  • quickly provide new visitors with information on who you are and the service(s) you provide.

  • keep visitors on your website longer which helps you appeal to search engines.

  • provides search engines with an understanding of what a page is all about.

  • There is a high Return On Investment.

Interview Video

This unique one-on-one interview session is an opportunity for our client to reach their customers on a more personal level.  Questions will be generated to focus on and highlight your business.  It is a another way to create and maintain a connection with your audience on a professional and informative level.


  • Choose from traditional, whiteboard, or interview style

  • Approximately 2-week turnaround

  • Personalized scriptwriting with the Clients

  • Cost ranges from $1,500 to $15,000

Whiteboard or an Explainer Video?

The answer is, that it depends.  We find for instructional videos, the whiteboard can work a little better and can embed images or a video.  When it comes to storytelling, the traditional explainer does it best.

Outdoors Meeting

Blogging is the content that feeds your website to show Google you still have a pulse.  It ranks extremely high as a dependable  source of information on the internet.  


Creating regular blog content improves your SEO ranking, provides value to your customers, creates leads with a greater possibility of conversion, gives your business a voice, and presents impactful knowledge to your potential clients.

Reliable blogging platforms, such as,  help develop trust with readers which often influences online purchases.  Blog content has become instrumental to online business success.

Blog Content

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Lite Content

Content comes in all shapes and sizes.

At Klusster Media we work to find the best fit for you.  Whether it's "mini-posts" for Google My Business or LinkedIn content updates, we take pride in providing quality SEO services for all of your content that we post.


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We are better together. You provide the business, we provide the content and results.

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