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The following video explains the process

An explainer video can help you:

  • quickly provide new visitors with information on who you are and the service(s) you provide.

  • keep visitors on your website longer which helps you appeal to search engines.

  • provides search engines with an understanding of what a page is all about.

  • There is a high Return On Investment.

Interview Video


This unique one-on-one interview session is an opportunity for our client to reach their customers on a more personal level.  Questions will be generated to focus on and highlight your business.  It is a another way to create and maintain a connection with your audience on a professional and informative level.

How It Works

  • Choose from traditional, whiteboard, or interview style

  • Approximately 2-week turnaround

  • Personalized scriptwriting with the Clients

  • Cost ranges from $1,500 to $15,000

Whiteboard or an Explainer Video?


The answer is, that it depends.  We find for instructional videos, the whiteboard can work a little better and can embed images or a video.  When it comes to storytelling, the traditional explainer does it best. Click below to learn more...

Explainer Video Upload.png
Explainer Video Editing.png
explainer video.jpg


Why explainer videos for SEO?

People Working in Open Office

Tools we use for Keyword Research


Gathers information online to determine what keywords are searched for most often and delivers trending user data.​

Semrush is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market, and it’s the one we like the most.

  • Effective Keyword Strategy

  • Site Analysis

  • Research your competitors

Google Trends

Evaluates search trends over time revealing what individuals are looking for on Google. 

With these tools, we are able to:

  • Complete a full audit of your competitor's traffic.

  • Create web pages that clearly define your business.

  • Engage in interviews with your and your employees to prioritize keywords.

  • Ensure that all content creation is designed to appeal to Google.

  • Provide optional PREMIUM HOSTING.​

The Results?

  • Greater keyword exposure in Google.

  • Increased traffic.

  • Ongoing audit and fine-tuning of Keywords.

  • We work with all major platforms: WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.​

We are better together. You provide the business, we provide the content and results.


SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

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