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Local SEO & Google My Business

Part of A Balanced SEO Strategy

Why Google My Business & Local SEO?

Google provides a full suite of LOCAL Tools to help you attract new local customers.

Google My Business & Local SEO Tools


1. Provide Offer

You have shown up in search, your potential client is right there.  Of course, they are not sure you are the business they know enough yet... Give your clients a quick offer to reduce their risk and try you.

2. Announce Events What's Happening?

There is more to a business than sales.  Maybe you are having a promotion, but maybe you are running an event for charity.  Google My Business is the perfect place to share these events.

3. Provide Updates & Posts

Google enables businesses to create quick and valuable posts to entice, educate or attract more customers.  Why now tell them a little about your business each month with Google. More posts, more information. More information more value. More value, more traffic to your website.


4. Images

Show your staff, the inside of your store and answer questions fast and easily by adding photos on Google My Business.

Your customers & Google want to know you have your pulse on all the latest.  No Matter what your business is  you have to continue to inform your customerrs.

Google My Business is a great complement to your SEO Strategy and there are a few easy things we can do to help you stay atop in Search.

SEO is hard.jpg
Loca SEO is hard work, but with consistent and valuable content creation, the results can be very strong.


Want to improve your local SEO?

Good News! At Klusster Media, we help businesses make the most out of Google My Business to improve organic search results and excel with stronger SEO.


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