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LinkedIn Marketing

Leverage the largest professional network by highlighting your business and gaining credibility while supporting your SEO strategy

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a Professional Marketing Tool


With over 700 Million members worldwide, LinkedIn represents an opportunity to build a professional network and allow your employees to recognize themselves as a part of your team.


LinkedIn was developed with the business professional in mind. The platform provides an avenue to reach motivated audiences by sharing your business goals, information, and values. You can spotlight stories, highlight blog posts, share important events, in order to showcase your business and enhance your brand.


LinkedIn enables users to not only post content, but also link to websites and content that reflects the values of the business.

Consistent content sharing is crucial, followers want to hear from you regularly in order to know what's going on, to be educated, and engage in conversation with brands that they can connect.


LinkedIn Builds Credibility, Has Meaningful Networks, and Supports Your Company as an Industry Authority

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Our LinkedIn Services


Leverage content from your website or other social platforms, post blogs and offer deeper insight into the values of your business.

  • Celebrate your employees 

  • Share your business accomplishments

  • Acknowledge members or followers 

  • Enter upcoming events 

LinkedIn provides several ways to share information about your business enhancing your brand and creating more awareness.

Lead Generation

While managing your LinkedIn profile, we can help grow your audience by adding tools like a Lead Gen Form where followers can leave contact information.

By sharing content on LinkedIn you can:

  • Tag individuals and companies you work with

  • Find a wider audience based on common interests

  • Generate B2B connections that will mutually showcase interests, ideas, purpose

  • List job vacancies


LinkedIn provides the opportunity to develop a professional network that can lead to more consumer interaction and ultimately conversion.

The combination of LinkedIn tools provides:

  • A place for people to learn about your business quickly and easily

  • Another avenue to share information from your website, providing individuals a way to interact with your business

  • Direct communication with business professionals 

  • A platform for your employees to showcase where they work

Do you want to showcase your business on LinkedIn? 
We Can Help

Klusster Media Inc., based in Burlington, can help your business thrive on LinkedIn by leveraging content and engaging professionals in a trusted online community network.


Linkedin Professional Networking

Build your network
Further your credibility and reach
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