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Setting Up Google My Business for Multiple Locations

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Need help to handle your business's online presence across multiple locations?

No need to worry, Google My Business (GMB) has got you covered.

GMB is an invaluable tool that increases a business's visibility on Google Search and Maps. Not only is it the first thing that pops up when someone searches a business in Google Maps, but it provides your business with the ability to create an online profile that highlights your business’s information. However, if you operate multiple business locations, optimizing each one individually on GMB is crucial. This means highlighting unique features, promotions, or events for each branch, to attract local customers and gain competitive advantage.

What is the process of setting up GMB for several business locations?

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Steps to Set UP GMB For Your Multiple Business Locations

The first necessary step is to sign up for a Google Account if you don't have one, or use an existing one linked to your business for GMB management.

Then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Google My Business website: and sign in.

  2. Enter your business name and address.

  3. Add your website link, if you have one, and select the category that best describes your business.

  4. Verify your business by address, phone, email, or postcard.

  5. Once your business is verified, you can start adding locations.

Now it’s time to add individual location profiles.

Each of your business locations should have its own unique GMB profile. To set up individual location profiles:

  • Sign in to your GMB dashboard.

  • Click the “Manage Locations” tab and next on the "+ Create location group"

  • Select a name for your location group, which could be your business name, and click "Next."

  • For each of your business locations, click the “Add Location” button.

  • Enter the address, hours of operation, and contact information for the new location.

  • You can also add photos and videos(high-quality), business hours, etc., and encourage customers to leave reviews.

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Manage Multiple Locations Efficiently

Managing multiple locations efficiently in Google My Business (GMB) can be challenging. However, as long as you have a strategic approach, it’s relatively easy to have an effective online representation of all your business locations.

Here are some steps to help you do this:

  • In the case of multiple location management, use Google's bulk management tool to upload data in bulk and make updates more efficiently.

  • Employ GMB management platform or software to centralize location data.

  • Appoint local managers to monitor and update the GMB profiles of each location.

  • Regularly audit and update listings for accuracy.

Commonly Asked Questions About Multiple Google My Business Locations

Can one person manage multiple businesses using a single Google My Business (GMB) account? Should they create separate listings, and do they need unique addresses and phone numbers?

In brief, yes, one can manage multiple businesses from one GMB account. However, it's essential to create distinct GMB listings for each business. It is ideal that they must have separate addresses and phone numbers. This practice ensures clarity, accuracy, and compliance with GMB guidelines.

Is it okay for two businesses to have the same address on Google My Business?

If two legally independent businesses operate within the same address (e.g., coworking space) with distinct names, numbers, and services, they can have separate Google My Business listings.

Can others edit my GMB info?

Yes, users can suggest changes. Further, Google reviews and updates them only if they’re accurate. It is advisable to keep monitoring your GMB account for unauthorized changes.

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Boost Your GMB SEO with Klusster Media

SEO optimization is crucial for search engine rankings, even in the case of GMB. Klusster Media, your SEO ally, transforms your Google My Business (GMB) listings for more visibility. We master keywords, categories, content, and visuals for top-notch SEO.

Our local link-building and vigilant monitoring ensure your GMB is up-to-date and provides accurate information in order to draw more customers to your business. As a business owner it is hard to continuously manage GMB, Klusster Media is here to help. Contact us to elevate your online visibility.

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