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How to Simplify Google My Business Management for Your Multi-Location Business

Map with streets and highways and 4 tacks (one red, one yellow, one gree, one blue) pinpointing different locations

If you own a multi-location business, you know how important it is to maintain consistency across all your business profiles. This is especially crucial in this digital age, where customers base their purchasing decisions on online searches. Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that lets businesses leverage the traffic generated by Google in order to increase their customer base. However, setting up and managing multiple listings for your business on GMB can be overwhelming.

Not to worry, though; there are steps to creating a business group, adding new locations, choosing the right managers, optimizing each listing, and encouraging reviews on each listing to get the most out of this platform. By following these guidelines, you can simplify your GMB management and enjoy the benefits of a wider reach and increased engagement from potential customers.

There are five steps that can help you maximize your multi-location business on GMB while simplifying your workload.

STEP 1 - Claim and Verify Your GMB Listings

To claim and verify your business locations on GMB, first, create a business group account using your main company email address or a shared business account. Once you've made a location group account, categorize your business locations by chain, region, or category. Next, add each business location by opening your Google My Business dashboard and clicking the "Add Single Location" option. Follow the prompts to enter the information for each business location. Finally, verify each location by checking if you have received a verification code through mail or phone and entering it into your GMB dashboard.

Hands typing on a laptop in the background with an empty profile faded on top.

STEP 2 - Create a Standardized Business Profile

Creating a standardized GMB profile for all business locations is crucial for maintaining consistency and professionalism across your brand. A unified representation of services, products, and information for all locations helps build customer trust and boost traffic to your website, ultimately increasing sales.

Consistency in branding reassures customers that they are dealing with a reliable and reputable organization, inviting customer loyalty and repeat business. Additionally, managing a single business profile, rather than separate profiles for every location, alleviates the complexities of multi-profile management, saving time and resources.

STEP 3 - Utilize Google My Business Tools

There are several tools available on Google My Business to simplify the management of multiple locations. These tools include the creation of a location group, which allows businesses to manage multiple profiles from a single account and ensure consistency of branding across all profiles.

Business owners can also add each location to their Google My Business profile and choose owners and managers who can access specific profiles and publish posts. Additionally, tools are available to schedule posts, optimize each listing, and manage and respond to reviews.

Google My Business profile of Klusster Media Inc, with map to location and business information.

STEP 4 - Maintain Accurate Business Information

Keeping your business information up-to-date on Google My Business ensures that your potential customers are able to find and reach out to you easily and that they have accurate information about your business.

Making sure everything is up-to-date can also help to maintain customer trust and enhance your business’s reputation. Whether it involves updating store hours, changing business descriptions or uploading new photos, keeping your information current is essential. Staying on top of this task for multiple locations may seem daunting, but it's worth the effort to ensure an optimal user experience for potential customers.

To keep information current for multiple business locations on GMB, establish a system that ensures consistency and accuracy. Select a person or team that will be responsible for managing your GMB accounts across all locations. They will do the following:

  • Regularly review each location's profile for errors or missing information (ex., store hours or contact details)

  • Ensure that changes are promptly updated on all applicable platforms

  • Communicate updates to all relevant stakeholders, including front-line employees who interact with customers

STEP 5 - Monitor and Respond to Reviews

As a multi-location business owner, it's crucial to understand the importance of monitoring and responding to customer reviews on your GMB profiles. Reviews on GMB are a powerful social currency that often influences a potential customer's purchasing decision. It's essential to stay on top of reviews, respond promptly, and professionally engage with customers to leave a positive impression.

Screenshot of a 5-star customer review of Klusster Media Inc.

In addition, you can analyze reviews in order to uncover areas of improvement for your business and make adjustments to enhance customer satisfaction. Engaging with reviews shows customers that you value their feedback and care about their experience.

Effective Google My Business management is crucial for any multi-location business looking to increase traffic, generate leads, and boost revenue. With 8.5 billion Google searches per day, GMB provides a powerful platform to market your business to potential customers actively searching for your products or services. By creating a location group, adding each business location, choosing managers wisely, optimizing each listing, and encouraging reviews, you ensure consistency of branding across all profiles, increase recognition, and build trust with consumers.

Visit for help leveraging GMB with your multiple business locations.

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