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SEO is so hard...No. It's not!

SEO is not hard

Here is the cold hard truth. SEO is NOT complicated.

Writing content and generating ideas can be hard. 100% of our clients want to create great content. Only about 5% have the time.

So, we have a dilemma. On one hand, we are starting to know it's essential, and on the other hand, it is not super fun.

Here is the good news. Nothing in life worth doing is always super easy. Like training for a marathon or learning the piano, it's hard to create content. But...It's worth it. Anyone in business that has made appropriate investments in SEO is happy.

Point #1 - SEO is hard but worth it.

SEO is trackable...

Suppose you hire someone to create content for you. There are tools to see how your traffic is changing or improving. Unfortunately, SEO is not a science. There is so much that goes into strong SEO and, truthfully, even a bit of "luck," but the good news is over a 3-6 month period, you should see some improvement in either GOOGLE SEEING you or GOOGLE rewarding you.

Things that are good for SEO

If you create content...DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT stop there. If you have a good piece of content, here are a few tips to make it even stronger. One more point, there are MANY great musicians and bands and talented people out there that don't get discovered because they don't push themselves a little.

Point #2 - Don't just put your content on your blog.

3 TIPS to get improved SEO.

  1. Get your content out on social media. Why? Because this increases the chances that people see the content and therefore reference your content on their own, which is VERY good for SEO.

  2. Publish your content in multiple places. Good Content platforms are worth their weight in gold, giving your content more strength. You could even do a cooperative (legitimate) post on a business partner's website.

  3. Do things to keep people on your content longer. Did you notice that you have made it all the way down to the bottom of this page? We must have done something right.

  4. Make your content full of short little points. People can't handle long-winded stuff.

  5. Add fun videos that complement the content to keep people engaged.

  6. Have fun. With content, you are engaging with someone that wants to know you love what you do. Add some personality to your content.

Keep people  on your pages longer

Point #3 - Keep people on your pages longer.

Ok, so what have we learned?

  1. SEO is not hard; writing and creating content is.

  2. You need to get your content OUT THERE on the great wide Internet.

  3. Keep people on your page and engaging.

Here is one more thought just to give you an idea about SEO. Google has its browser on millions of desktops. They know how long people stay on pages and how they engage with the pages.

Common sense would tell you one thing.

There are 400 Billion articles out there, the ones that

(a) Google knows what they are designed for and

(b) Google sees the people staying on the pages and "enjoying" them are the best.

Klusster Media offers SEO services that fulfill your digital marketing needs. You provide the business; we provide the content and results.

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