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Simple SEO Changes That Garner Quick Results

It’s easy to get caught up in the spiral of changing algorithms and SEO tactics.

Keeping up with on-page SEO keywords, descriptions, and links is only the beginning. Before committing too much of your own energy to tackle this neverending maintenance, start with the basics.

Optimizing your foundation pages is key. Utilizing these SEO components, audit your site and see the impact these changes will have.

The first factor to consider is Title Tags; these appear in search results right below your URL.

Make sure your Title Tags are:

  • Simple and concise

  • For best odds with Google, 51-55 characters

  • Be creative but work in your keywords to match your brand

Creating Title Tags can be tricky, but their worth is priceless in terms of SEO. Knowing your target audience is important, be sure to use their language while marrying your exact keywords. The title tag should match the purpose of your audience's search results; this matters in terms of the traffic driven to your page. Above all, be sure your title is accurate and related to the content.

Secondly, be sure to have meaty content.

Keywords are great; they help the bots scroll through text efficiently; however, consumers care what’s said around those keywords. Your content should answer what is being searched in a genuine and complete way. Make it easy to read with descriptive words that keep readers engaged, interested, and ultimately on your page longer.

The next place to focus your attention is on FAQs; what do people want to know?

The ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) box can help you target poorly answered questions to be addressed on your website in headings and text. If you can offer more desirable and complete answers to people's questions, you can be sure that your ranking will improve in search results.

A fourth SEO basic is in regard to headings.

Where you put your target words is important to the bots of Google. Maximize the impact of your H1 by ensuring your keyword is included, and follow that with similarly important terms for H2, H3, etc. Ignoring the subheadings could cost you SEO optimization as they’re often overlooked. Make your headings unique and engaging, just like your title tags, in order to optimize your SEO.

Though this list could go on, the final SEO factor that will impact your search rankings is internal linking.

They’re easy to call on readers to engage with and have a high impact on SEO.

Follow these two simple rules:

  1. Don’t be generic! Use keywords within your content that highlights your purpose/intent

  2. Link to those you trust. Remember, whatever external link you use reflects on your brand..good and bad!

These are a few of the on-page SEO elements that can positively impact your ratings in a relatively short amount of time. Keep them fresh, and rest assured they will help improve where you fall in search results.

Don’t have time to optimize your SEO?

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