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The Dark Horse of Social Media…LinkedIn

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Everyone is talking about the need to have a social media presence for your business to succeed. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all front runners vying to grab consumers’ attention globally.

So why is it that Klusster Media, a business that prides itself on providing measurable SEO marketing services, doesn’t offer management of any of them?

There’s no argument that there is value in spending some time posting and hashtagging on these social platforms; however, it is difficult to quantify the ROI for your business. Does how much you post matter? The time of day? Do followers really convert to appointments or purchases? Measuring this data isn’t possible at this time, so it’s hard to say what’s really worth investing your valuable time in.

Determining your keywords, creating consistent quality content, maximizing Google My Business (GMB), and generating leads via email, are all quantifiable. We can collect the data and show you, over time, the impact each of these services has on your business. That being said, we do find value in social media, but our first choice is LinkedIn.

Screenshot of a phone that is in the App store with a LinkedIn logo and download option

In 2009 LinkedIn had approximately 55 million users; as of today, there are over 900 million users worldwide. That’s some major growth. What makes LinkedIn unique is that it’s more targeted regarding its audience. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is geared towards businesses and professionals. Yes, anyone can sign up, but generally speaking, you will find that the individuals who have accounts on LinkedIn are people who want to find a job or internship and make professional connections. They have goals and a purpose and are looking to connect in a way that propels their career in some fashion.

This is exactly why Klusster Media Inc. believes that LinkedIn provides more value to businesses because it will increase your brand exposure to more business professionals attracting quality employees and potential clients. LinkedIn is perceived as more of a serious platform, and whether this is true or not, we can’t say; however, with this social perception, there’s an increased credibility to those businesses who are active on LinkedIn which could result in attracting new business.

The way in which LinkedIn is similar to other social media platforms is that it can build your network. The likes and the followers are what can boost your SEO because you become easier to find, and shocker, you’re sharing more of that quality content for the Google bots to find.

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How LinkedIn helps your business

  1. Can help with business development, provide a place for employees to check in, and provide an avenue to share what’s currently happening in your company

  2. Provides an avenue for people to engage with your business (research suggests that 50% of individuals are more inclined to buy from businesses that actively post and respond)

  3. A way to promote your business

  4. It’s easy to share your content, and if someone likes what you’ve posted, they can pass it along to others that they’re connected with

  5. Most people are interested in knowing what’s going on with companies; they can find information quickly and easily on LinkedIn while learning

And finally, perhaps our #1 reason for offering to manage LinkedIn is

6. Analytics are provided for each post that is made, so at the end of the month, you can compare what’s working and what isn’t and then adjust your posts accordingly

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account set up yet, we highly recommend it. The worst that will happen is that you’ll gain a bit more credibility. When getting started, be sure to add your company logo and a cover image that will stand out ( is a great resource for this).

Screenshot of how to create a LinkedIn page for a company, showcase page, and educational institution.

Next, include an overview of your business with keywords and phrases that define your mission and purpose. Add your website URL, location, the industry you work in, and a call-to-action button which is trackable in the administration view or under the visitor analytics.

This all takes time, but over the years, LinkedIn has shown continuous growth, and its connection to businesses and professionals and the ability to show an ROI via monthly content posts is what separates them from other social media platforms.

Don’t have time to manage another platform? Klusster Media can help create and keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and full of good, quality content consistently. Need more SEO services? We can do that too. You provide the business; we provide the content and results.

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