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The Mixology of Content Marketing

Photo by Andra C Taylor Jr on Unsplash

Content Marketing is a bit like mixing the perfect drink. Great cocktails are all about balance.

Content Marketing is a bit like mixing the perfect drink. Delivering pitch-perfect content to a receptive audience means serving up ice-cold information in a way that makes it easy to swallow. Get your measures wrong, and the mix is a disaster.

Great cocktails are all about balance: the bitters bringing out the sweetness and warmth of a classic Old Fashioned, the crisp celery against the salt and spice of a Bloody Mary. Great content needs the same balance—and if you stretch out the comparison—it often uses the same classic recipes.

Drink mixes in comparison to Industry News and Content

I love this Infographic metaphor that puts perspective on creating great content.

  • If you’re sharing Industry news, make it like a Bloody Mary: Add a bit of spice and give your readers something to chew on.

  • If you’re making an online video, think of it like a Margarita: Shake things up, then add a bit of a salty or sweet edge.

  • If you’re using viral content, mix up a Tom Collins. Identify what you want to achieve, and decide whether you want to play up the sour twist or the sugar-sweet finish. Mix 1 part Strong Message and 1 part Compelling Story.

  • If you are blogging, serve a Daiquiri. Flavour your blog with stuff that matters in your industry. Aim at a target audience and ensure you only get as technical as that audience requires.

Mixed drinks in comparison to Social VIdeo and Blogs

What are People Searching For

Knowing what people are searching for helps you build great content to deliver to the right audience. In my search to understand content writing better, I found this website - Answer the Public. You have options on how to search and see how many, in what country, and what topic people are searching for. It is a great tool. This video explains the value of checking it out.

The Seeker

Working with Klusster Media can quench your thirst...with the perfectly mixed cocktail for your business! At Klusster Media, we work to find the best mix for you. Whether it's "mini-posts" for Google My Business or LinkedIn content updates, we pride ourselves on providing quality SEO services for all your content.

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