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There's Such a Thing as Over Hashtagging…Who Knew?

Hashtags are used to find information on a particular term.

#’s for SEO, how much do they really matter?

As the cyber world is drastically evolving, there should be no surprise that spoken and unspoken rules of SEO are constantly changing.

Trying to figure out what’s going to get you the most hits by your target audience is daunting. Talk of H1’s, H2’s, subheadings, search terms, and the infamous hashtag (#), which almost seems a part of our everyday vocabulary; #toomuchinformation.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags, as we call them today, were started in 2007 when Chris Messina introduced Twitter to the world. He used the # (also known as a pound) as a way for users to group their tweets by topic, making it easier to find information on a particular term. Their intended use was for metadata, to give more on what is being sought, but many people now view them as part of the online conversation.

As user response to #’s has exploded, they are now overwhelmingly used in almost all social media outlets…there’s a reason for that.

Hashtags are used on all social media platforms

Hashtags allow users to:

  • Join a conversation

  • Add context

  • View trending topics

  • Drive content

  • Boost views, likes, and shares

Ultimately, hashtags allow a business to promote its brand and users to find content pertinent to their searches. They provide a way to put posts into categories and attract followers to a certain topic; ensuring your content has the right hashtags can certainly impact traffic to your site. Indeed, they won’t increase the number of followers you get, but they can expand your online reach and presence.

Tips on hashtag use:

  • Do not overuse hashtags; more isn’t necessarily better in this case (the suggested maximum is 11)

  • Be selective, know the purpose of your hashtag

  • Best used at the start for emphasis, in the middle to highlight a keyword, or at the end for context

Ultimately, #’s are keywords, and that's what most SEO marketing is built upon. It is another tool to help the bots and users, find your brand. #’s must be done consistently and in line with what you want to get found for on the internet in order to be effective, and remember, do not overuse them!

Don’t have time to # your content?

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