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Unmasking The True Potential of Google My Business for SEO and Content Marketing

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re the last business to integrate new digital marketing tools that strengthen your brand and reach more consumers?

Well, there’s no need to fall behind if you utilize Google My Business. This marketing tool can help generate more brand and business awareness while providing invaluable support and insight into your SEO and content marketing game. The potential return on investment that GMB can offer is imperative to a successful marketing plan and SEO strategy.

GMB holds the key to expanding your local business market and increasing customer engagement. With its rating feature and ability to provide business information quickly and easily, GMB showcases your business and allows you to connect more directly with consumers and provide them with exactly what they’re searching for.

Unbeknownst to many, GMB is more than just a directory listing. Its lesser-known features can enhance your SEO and content marketing game to a whole new level. With ratings and business information, you can build trust and engagement with your customers.

Once you register your business and verify the address, you will have FREE access to the following:

  • Posting updates

  • Listing products and services

  • Adding photos (location and relevant to your products/services)

  • Accept online orders

  • Connect with customers directly

  • Update hours

  • Provide a location and map to your address (if applicable)

  • An online marketing kit to create printable posters, stickers, etc.

Yes, you read that last line correctly. One of the major reasons you should be using GMB is that it’s free!

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There really is no downside when the only cost to your business is time. It will optimize your business for local search results and help you stand out from the competition. By posting regularly, you maintain a pulse with Google, which draws the bots to return to your profile repeatedly and drive more traffic in your direction; because they know you are an active business. Once your account is set up, having a consistent presence is well worth the investment.

Setting up your GMB account is quite simple.

1. Create a profile

- Enter your business address and request a card; when the card is received, enter the code in your online profile

- Add your business information (address, phone number, website, etc.)

- Add business photos and updates

2. Utilize its features

- Post updates and promotions

- Respond to customer questions

- Request and respond to customer reviews

3. Analytics and Insights

- Measure customer engagement and search behaviours

Google My Business profile of Klusster Media Inc with a map to the right.

Unlocking the true potential of Google My Business is easy, and because it’s free, it's affordable. With the power to reach more customers and engage with them regarding your business information, ratings, and services, it is a powerful tool that holds many hidden benefits for any business. With better visibility on Google search results, to higher consumer engagement, GMB can revolutionize your online presence.

Google My Business can help broaden your local business market. Need help getting started and maintaining your account? Klusster Media offers GMB packages and a full array of SEO services to fulfill your business needs.

You provide the business; we provide the content and results.

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