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What is Google Bard, and How Does It Affect Online Marketing?

How does Google Bard affect Online Marketing?

Accompanying OpenAI, Google jumped on the bandwagon too!

It was not too long ago when the world was introduced to ChatGPT. There was a buzz that one-day ChatGPT would dethrone Google. We are still determining if that will happen. But Google didn't waste any time and rolled out their own AI tool, Bard.

Like other AI chatbots, Bard helps users write code, essays, and emails, solve math problems, translate languages, etc. Unfortunately, Google Bard had a rocky start. It has been caught up in all sorts of controversies and skepticism right from the start. After a promotional video surfaced where the chatbot unintentionally shared inaccurate information, Alphabet Inc. took a massive hit, losing a whopping $100 billion in market value.

Google, on various fronts, owned up to its flaws. They admit that Bard is still developing and may sometimes produce incorrect, speculative, or repetitive responses. But, they are working towards the goal of consistent delivery of accurate and helpful information.

What is Google Bard?

Bard is Google's experimental, conversational AI chatbot tool, trained on a massive dataset of text and code. By employing natural language processing and machine learning, it mimics human-like conversations using advanced techniques.

Google BARD uses a custom-made Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA).

It taps into the information available on the web to offer up-to-date, top-notch responses and simplify complex topics into easy-to-digest formats.

With a waitlist, Google launched Bard on March 21, 2023, and on May 10, 2023, Bard became available in over 180 countries. Bard is not available in Canada to date. The tool is promising but having a tough time making a name for itself. Constantly being compared to ChatGPT is only adding to its challenges.

Bard vs. ChatGPT

What Bard Offers, That ChatGPT Doesn't?

Although Bard offers similar functionalities to ChatGPT, there are features in Bard that are not available in ChatGPT, which gives the tool a competitive advantage.

  • ChatGPT does not currently have voice input functionality. But Bard allows users to make requests verbally through the microphone icon next to the text input bar.

  • Bard features integration with Gmail and Google Docs. Once you have received an email or message response in Google's Bard's output, it can easily be exported to Docs or saved as drafts in Gmail.

  • When you ask Bard to generate an email, you get different email draft options. In ChatGPT also, you can get various drafts, but only after you give a prompt for the same.

  • Google Bard can provide image-based responses, something that ChatGPT doesn't offer. However, there are limitations experienced as Bard's image responses are only sometimes spot-on, flawless, reliable, and safe to use.

Impact of Bard on Online Marketing

AI tools have transformed online marketing by automating tasks, personalizing content, and improving analytics. Enter Bard, the next big thing. Here are a few things we can expect:

Search Engine Optimization

A Google product, Bard can identify relevant keywords for content optimization for your website. Not only that, Bard can analyze your site's SEO and give you helpful feedback to improve your website's visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Creation

Bard can help research information, brainstorm topics, generate new ideas, and write outlines for various formats like blog posts, articles, social media copies, etc. It can also help edit content to make it more crisp and accurate.

Lead Generation

Identifying potential customers and reaching out to them is crucial for any business. Using Bard, you can create engaging landing pages that may help generate leads and write CTAs that instigate users' actions.

Customer Support

Bard can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve customer service. It can automate customer service tasks, troubleshoot problems, generate reports, etc.

To Sum It Up

It is too early to predict the future of Google Bard, but one thing is clear, the tool has the potential to revolutionize how businesses promote their offerings.

Choose the expertise of Klusster Media and harness the capabilities of AI tools like Bard to optimize your online presence and stay ahead in the dynamic marketplace.

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