It's time to grow your SEO.
Create content with purpose.  Google will fall for you every time.

Getting found in Google doesn't have to be intimidating.


Why SEO? What is it?

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of setting up your website so it will get found in Google. Simple.


Where it can get complex is when "specialists" intimidate you into thinking it is more complex than it really is.


SEO is common sense.


  1.  Create A Good Foundation Of Content that is easy for Google and the reader to understand what your content is meant to be about. 

  2. Support that Foundational content with anecdotal information and supporting scenarios that hyperlinks back to your foundation through blogs and getting published in other relevant websites.

  3. Have that content (All of it) appropriately distributed throughout the Internet.  

SEO is important because so many people are searching for what you offer in Google.  Google has become trusted to provide quality results for search terms.  Long story short, Google is looking for businesses to make an effort in their business to educate buyers and make it as easy as possible. Subsequently, when your website is poorly organized and you have limited content for Google to understand you, that is NOT in the best interest of people looking for you.

Google is constantly trying to find ways to make the life easier for the consumer to find what they are looking for.  This is why such a big effort has been made in Google My Business. If your company doesn't have a Google My Business Account Get One! 

SEO is a Process!

When it comes to getting found online, gone are the days when you can stuff the keywords you want to get found for in your text. 


Each page needs to have value because chances are there is another business out there that has created a GREAT PAGE on a term you are looking for.  

It's important to have a balance of content that represents your business but also adheres to what your clients want.  Show off your expertise by providing your potential with some value in the words on your web page before they buy.

If you are creating a page on a subject that doesn't have a great deal of substance, why would you expect to show high in organic search results? 


If a subject is worth searching for, it is worth creating quality content for.


How do you know what to create content for?


There are a tonne of tools out there that can help businesses get better with SEO.  If you are going to do-it-yourself, we recommend you learn how to use tools like SEMRUSH or Google Trends or Local Viking that can help you get started.

But often, you are running your business and it makes sense to get the help of an SEO or content marketing specialist.  If you do, make sure they are versed in a few SEO tools.

We do!

How we help our clients!

We focus on 3 types of businesses in SEO. Those businesses that are completely new to the game. Businesses, that just need a little help and direction and business that want full hand-holding. We got you covered.

Start With A Quick SEO Audit

For Businesses that want a quick easy way to get started, our SEO audit can begin to paint a picture for you to start to understand the next steps a business can take to improve their online presence.

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Get A Detailed Competitive Analysis

Do know in SEO, one of the best places to improve your strategy is by understanding how your competitors are doing well or doing poorly in the eyes of Google

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SEO Boost Programs

We help businesses improve results in organic search. With our proprietary Publication & Distribution Platform, our clients have an advantage over their competition. Learn more about how we can measurably improve your organic SEO success.

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We research your search results to gain an understanding of how to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively through specialized keywords that match your brand and your business.


We take our research to create a long term plan for both your website and your content creation. All the while, adding to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Understand Competitors

Our field has made us effective in understanding competitors for business owners. With our tools, we are able to recognize why they may be found ahead of you in organic search. And how we can get you and your business on top.

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