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Increase your organic traffic

Rank higher in search engines

There are 3 parts to Website Optimization

Part One

The Words - When you create a website, it's extremely important to concisely represent what you want to represent. Years ago there was a trend to create one-page websites. This made sense if everyone knew of you. However, most new clients search for products or services beyond the name of your company.  

Optimizing the words of your website provides a very clear picture to Google and a very clear picture to those that land on your website.  When someone lands on your website, you want to consistently explain to people what you do and make it very easy for them to engage.

This positive experience will increase your chances of getting found in search.

Part Two

The Flow of The Website - We have all been to websites where it is hard to find something you are looking for.  By having a simple easy to understand website.  People will stay there longer and contact you more often.

Part Three

The Speed - Another major factor in optimizing your website is to make sure your website is fast.  The slower the website, the less positive the experience for the user.  Google will penalize you for a slow website too.

At Klusster Media, we help clients optimize their sites in WordPress, Wix and Squarespace. We also have experience with custom applications.


People Working in Open Office

How do we help with website optimiztion.

Keyword Overhaul

Sometimes, websites are made with random keywords that don't suit the business or what people are searching for in Google.

We can help you take an existing site and improve traffic, just with a better-organized keyword structure.

Site Navigation

When someone lands on your website, one of the easiest ways to optimize is to make it VERY easy for people to reach out to you. Clean Navigation.

Sometimes people read the entire page before they reach out, sometimes, they are ready right away!

Google wants to see you make it easy for people to engage in you!

Fast Hosting

Google likes fast sites.  And so do we.  Do you have a Fast Website?  At Klusster we make sure every one of our client's websites are lightning-fast and optimized for speed.

By understanding SEO methods and website structure, we are able to execute top SEO performance for businesses. 

Optimize your site for better SEO

Let's get your website easy to navigate and fast!
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