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What is On-Page SEO for Website Optimization?

The use of elements such as keywords, content, internal/external linking, title tags, and images to make your website relevant and useful to search engines.

Website Optimization Helps You Rank Higher in Search Results


Ranking Process

Google's search engine ranking starts with a "crawling" process, where the search engine assesses and analyzes various webpages on the internet. This is followed by the indexing stage, where Google considers numerous factors, including on-site SEO elements, to decipher the content of the page and determine its ranking.

Once a page is indexed by Google, it becomes accessible through Google Search. It is essential to note that not every page will be indexed, and there is no guarantee that a page will show up in search results. This is why optimizing the on-page SEO elements becomes crucial.

On-Page SEO

To boost your website's ranking on search engines and increase traffic to your site on-page SEO is essential to optimizing your web pages. Search engines need to understand your content in order to determine its value to users, its primary objective is maximizing user experience. 


From optimizing title tags to crafting compelling headings and subheadings, Klusster Media focuses on the key elements of on-page SEO optimization to boost your results. 


Website Optimization

Klusster Media helps increase organic traffic on your website by addressing on-site SEO: content, keywords, page speed, title tags, and more. Our objective is to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

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How we help with website optimization

Keyword Overhaul

Target keywords play a pivotal role in on-page optimization as they determine your visibility in search results. The ultimate goal is to rank for relevant keywords that align with your brand and attract the right audience.


We will:

  • Conduct thorough keyword research which involves understanding the words and phrases potential visitors use to find websites similar to yours.

  • Utilizing Semrush's Keyword Magic Tool, analyze key data points, including the intent behind each search, keyword search volume (i.e., the average number of monthly searches), and keyword difficulty (KD%) - a measure of the ranking challenge in the top 10 organic Google results.

Our objective is to identify the best target keywords by thoroughly researching and understanding the search intent behind them. Armed with this knowledge, you can then optimize your web pages accordingly, improving your chances of attracting the right audience and achieving your goals.

User Experience

There are several important tasks to adhere to in order to improve user experience. 


  • Add images and videos. According to Semrush research, articles with more images and videos tend to receive more unique page views, shares, and backlinks. 

  • Add descriptive alt text to each image, to help search engines understand what the image represents.

  • Use internal links. These links between pages on your site help both users and search engines navigate your content more easily. 

  • Mark up subheadings with appropriate header tags for both user experience and search engine optimization. Subheadings break up text and make it easier for users to scan your content, while header tags help Google understand the structure of your page. 


Enhancing user experience on your website is attractive to search engines, it is essential to being found online and in order to be competitive in search results.

 Faster Hosting

When visiting a website, the first thing you notice is the page load speed especially if the website is too slow. Page speed plays a crucial role in user satisfaction and has even become a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Our research aims to help you optimize your website's performance by identifying the most common mistakes and providing solutions to fix them.

Three key areas for optimization:

  • Cleaning up redirects

  • Trimming down page size

  • Boosting server performance


Every millisecond counts when it comes to page load speed. By following our recommendations and implementing the suggested fixes, you can significantly enhance your website's performance and provide a better user experience.

Wondering how to improve your website optimization? Klusster Media Inc., in Burlington, knows how
By understanding SEO methods and website structure, we are able to evaluate your website performance to enhance user experience and improve search engine ranking

Website Optimization for better SEO

Enhance website relevance to users
Gain credibility with search engines
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